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3 Factors that can increase your car insurance rates

At some point, you may have noticed that your car insurance rate could rise if your insurance agent finds more information about your driving history or after an at-fault car accident.

At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we give you some reasons why rates could increase after obtaining a quote, after buying your policy or when your policy is renewed.

1.  During the time of the car insurance quote:

The car insurance quote is an insurer's estimate of your final premium that is based primarily on the information you provide. Generally, there are 2 causes by which the final rate can increase: missing and newly discovered information (like unreported accidents or moving violations).
To determine your actual car insurance rate, insurance companies generally access your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) and CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) reports, among other things. These reports contain information about your driving history and claim history. If the information in these reports is different from what you reported when you received your quote, it could lead to a premium adjustment.

2. After you buy your car insurance policy:

Generally, your rate may increase in the first month or 2 after you buy your policy if you don't submit any required forms or if your insurer finds an undisclosed accident or incident on your MVR.
In some cases, you may be asked to provide proof of prior insurance to certify that you have had continuous coverage for the time you indicated.
In other cases, your state may require you to submit proof of health insurance in order to maintain lower medical coverage limits. 

3. Your premium may increase on renewal:
There are several factors that can lead to a higher premium in your next policy term.

- State rate plans:
Your insurer and your state's department of insurance have agreed on a new rate plan for all drivers in the state.

- New ZIP Code:
Where you live influences your rate, so if you move to an area with a higher theft or accident risk, your renewal premium could reflect this change.

If you filed an accident claim that warrants a re-rate, your rate is recalculated based on the recent claim.

- Violations:
If you were convicted of a moving violation, this can cause your rate to be recalculated.

Remember that a car insurance policy may help protect your wallet, your vehicle and even offer peace of mind. Contact us for more Information, At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we can help you choose the coverage that's right for your needs.

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lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017

What to do after a Car accident

Car accidents are stressful and difficult to handle situations that when happen can leave you many questions at once: Should I call the police? Should I move my car? When should I file a claim?

At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY  located in Fairburn, Lagrange  and Norcross, we give you some tips that can help guide you through the most important decisions you should make if you have been in an accident:

1. Check yourself for injuries: If you're injured, call 911 or ask someone else to do so. If you're seriously injured, try not to move, and wait for emergency personnel.

2. If you're not too hurt to move, check on the well-being of your passengers: If anyone's injured, get on the phone with emergency services or ask a bystander to call for help.

3. Get to safety if you're able to, either on the side of the road or on a sidewalk: If your car is safe to drive and is causing a hazard where it is, pull it to the side of the road. Otherwise, leave it where it is and get yourself to safety.

4. Wait for help: Turn off your engine, turn on your hazard lights and use road flares to warn other vehicles to slow down.

5. Call the police: Whether an accident is considered a minor fender-bender or a major collision, calling the police is important and in some states, it's legally required.

6. Notify your insurer: You may also want to call your insurance agent while you're at the scene. That way, they can tell you exactly what they will need to process your claim.

7. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver before you leave:

-Full name and contact information
-Insurance company and policy number
-Driver's license and license plate number
-Type, color and model of vehicle
-Location of accident

Remember that a car insurance policy may help protect your wallet, your vehicle and even offer peace of mind. Contact us for more Information, At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we can help you choose the coverage that's right for your needs.

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lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

What you should consider before buying your first Car Insurance

When you buy your first car, you feel it is an important moment since the independence that comes from having your own auto is a great privilege. At the same time, being a car owner means you have an important decision to make: What coverages do you need in your first car insurance policy?
Usually the first thing you think is to ask your insurance agent for the least expensive policy. However, once you clearly understand what each part of your car policy covers, you may decide that cheaper is not necessarily better. Keep in mind that if your car was totaled in an accident, or you seriously injured someone, a few extra dollars of insurance coverage per month could be money well spent.

At  GUARDIAN   INSURANCE   AGENCY   located  in  Fairburn,  Lagrange  and Norcross, we give you the most important coverages  to  consider  for  your Car Insurance Policy:

1. Coverage that helps pay for damages you caused:
There are two types of liability coverage. Both are required by law in most states.

- Bodily Injury Liability: If someone is injured as a result of a car accident you caused, this coverage could help pay for your legal fees, as well as the person's medical bills and lost wages. This coverage often includes two separate limits: one that applies to each injured person and a second that applies to each accident.

- Property Damage Liability: If you damage another person's property with your vehicle, this coverage can help protect you. Property damage coverage can help reimburse the other party for their losses, so you do not have to pay for them out of your own pocket.

2. Coverage that helps protect you if you are injured:

- Personal Injury Protection (PIP): If you are injured in an automobile accident, this coverage can help pay your health insurance deductible, as well as medical costs that exceed your health insurance limits. This coverage can also help pay for your lost wages and "loss of services" (such as picking up your children from school, while you recover).

- Medical Payments: Like PIP, this coverage can help pay for your medical bills related to a car accident. However, this coverage also extends to your passengers and a family member who was driving the car when the accident occurred. In addition, if you or a family member are injured in another car or as a pedestrian, this coverage can help pay for medical expenses.

3. Coverage that helps protect you from uninsured drivers:

- Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist: This coverage may help protect you if you are hit by a driver who does not have car insurance or whose policy limits are too low to cover the total costs of the accident. It can help pay for your medical bills and depending on your state's insurance laws, possibly for damage to your vehicle.

4. Coverage that helps protect your vehicle:

- Collision: If you need to repair or replace your vehicle after a collision with another car or object, this coverage can help cover the costs.

- Comprehensive: This coverage can help pay for damages to your car that is not related to an auto accident. (Theft, damage by animals, fire or falling objects)

- Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP): If your vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen, the insurance company normally will pay you fair market value for the car. However, if you still owe a financial institution more than the car is worth, the GAP coverage can help reimburse you for the cost difference.

Remember that a car insurance policy may help protect your wallet, your vehicle and even offer peace of mind. Contact us for more Information, At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we can help you choose the coverage that's right for your needs.

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lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

Common mistakes that can raise your Insurance premiums

Insurers consider a large number of factors in determining premiums, so it's often challenging for consumers to understand why they are paying higher rates than their neighbors or co-workers. All you can do is ask questions when you buy your insurance, get comparison quotes and expect to receive a fair charge.

At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we show you the most important mistakes that can affect your insurance premiums:

1. Not Researching Discounts:

Evaluating insurance discounts is essential to finding the best auto insurance rates. There are a lot of car insurance discounts offered for all sorts of things, from the safety grade of your vehicle to how your medical history is. You may not qualify for all of them, but you probably qualify for a least one discount.  If you have a family member in the military, there is a discount for that. The same goes for owning a home, completing a defensive driving course, or buying a hybrid car. All discounts vary by company, so it is important to investigate which company has the type of discounts that will benefit you most before deciding where to buy your next policy. And don’t stop thinking about discounts always: If you add a new anti-theft feature, your commute to work shortens, or some other significant change happens to your vehicle or driving behavior, call your insurance agent and see if you qualify for additional savings.

2. Purchasing Bare-Minimum Coverage:

No one wants to spend more than they need, and car insurance is no different. Though buying insurance may not be the most exciting purchase of the year, it could be one of the most rewarding. When purchasing insurance, here are some things to consider: What will you be liable if you are involved in an accident with a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes S-Class or Tesla Model S? If someone is seriously injured, are you prepared to cover your possible medical care? How will your finances be affected if you are hit by an uninsured driver? What if strong winds knock a branch off the roof of your car? Make sure you have considered these scenarios and the additional coverage options to protect against them before choosing the cheapest option. Your wallet will thank you.

3. Automatically Renewing Your Existing Policy:

This is an easy mistake to make, and one that often happens before you even realize it. The longer you have been with an insurer, the greater your savings if you decide to change insurance company. This is because older policies are likely to have gained more annual premium increases and are more likely to be raised due to price optimization. Even if you don’t want to switch carriers, getting lower quotes from competitors can provide an incentive for your current insurer to offer a reduction in price. We advise that when your renewal time nears, you should compare a number of competitive quotes to ensure the best offer.

Remember that a car insurance policy may help protect your wallet, your vehicle and even offer peace of mind. Contact us for more Information, At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we can help you choose the coverage that's right for your needs.

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Important things you should do after buying a used car

When you finally have found a new car, you have negotiated a grat deal, and you're ready to drive it for the next few years, you may think that's all, but it is not quite that simple. There are a couple more things that you need to do before it is legal to drive your car on the highway. Fortunately, they are fairly easy, and there is a lot of information available to help you through the processes.

At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we give you some important tips to do after buying a used car:

1. Registration:

Until your car is properly registered, you will not be able to legally drive on public roads, but if you buy a new or used car at a dealership, they will usually help you with the paperwork so that you have at least a temporary registration before leaving the dealer. But keep in mind that the service is not free and they will usually charge you a documentation fee, or doc fee, for the time that they spend on the paperwork.

If you buy the car from a private seller, you will almost certainly have to go to DMV to finalize the title transfer and register the car. You can also leave this process to specialized agents in these topics and save time. You should be prepared to pay several hundred dollars for registration, depending on the state.

We advise you to always keep your registration information in the car but never keep the title of your vehicle in the car.

2. Insurance:

We advise that if it is your first car, find an insurer before buying your car, as most dealers will not allow you to drive without showing proof of insurance.

There are several components to an auto insurance policy, and the costs for each vary according to the type of car you buy, its value, your age, your credit score, your driving record, the length of your trip, how much is the deductible and the area in which you live.

Buying insurance to cover your car and its contents in case of an accident or theft is optional if you own the car but it is necessary if you have a loan on the car. State laws require that you purchase liability insurance to protect other drivers and their property from your actions.

3. Repairs and Maintenance:

- Change All Filters: Air, Fuel, Transmission, Oil, Most likely you should replace all these filters and even if they are ok, it is still a good idea to replace them anyway.
- Read the Owner's Manual: Although it is a difficult task you should do it to learn the intervals of service of your new car, or how to configure the systems and others.
- Clean thoroughly inside and outside: It is important to make sure your new car is nice and bright on the outside, but certainly more important than detailing the interior thoroughly. The previous owner could have left inside unpleasant things that need to be removed as soon as possible.
- Change all fluids: Change all the fluids of your car is obvious, but absolutely necessary. Your car will work much better than it did with all the dirty fluid that had ever been changed.
- Check the brakes: Brakes are one of the most vital safety components of a car, so you need to check and replace if necessary before you start using your car.
- Check/change the tires: Tires are the only thing that connects a car to the road, so its importance can not be overstated. Make sure they have good depth of tread and that all four match, otherwise change them.

Contact us for more Information, At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY, we can help you whit all the paperwork for your new car. 

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