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Should you Rent or Buy a home?

Buying your own home can be expensive but could save you money over the years. Renting offers less freedom to live by your own rules but more flexibility if you need to move. At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY we give you the benefits of each to help you decide whether to rent or buy:

The Benefits of Buying:

-You totally own your home at the end of the mortgage´s term, and then you can live free of rent.
-Your monthly repayments go towards buying your home, not into a landlord's pocket.
-You could make a profit if house prices rise.
-You can live by your own rules without needing a permission (e.g. having pets).
-You can make changes to the property such as redecorating or landscaping the garden.
-Renovations and changes you make could increase your home's value.
-No landlord who could make you move house because they want to sell.
-Buying can sometimes be cheaper than renting.

The Benefits of Renting:

-It can be easier to move house quickly when you need to.
-Finding and renting a home is usually quicker than the process of buying.
-No risk of losing money if the property's price goes down.
-Your landlord has to pay for repairs and renovations.
-It is often cheaper and rental payments rarely change, making it easier to budget.
-You may be able to rent a bigger home in a nicer area than you could afford to buy.
-Credit requirements generally less strict, although most landlords require prospective renters to undergo a credit check.

You should keep in mind:

-The rent you pay could be lower than mortgage repayments would cost
-The deposit you pay is usually much less than the initial costs of buying a home
-However, mortgage repayments can sometimes come to less than paying rent, depending on the property you choose. 
-Buying a home could cost less in the long term.
-Buying a home entails numerous upfront costs. Some are paid out-of-pocket after the seller accepts your purchase offer, while others are paid at closing.
-You should pay a first year’s Homeowners Insurance. 
Lenders require proof of homeowners insurance prior to closing. You almost always need to pay the first year’s premium upfront, either on the date you purchase the policy or at closing. Homeowners insurance costs vary based on the value, style, location, and contents of the home, as well as your credit score, policy deductible, and coverage limits.

At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross we can help you to find the best Renters or Homeowners Insurance!

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lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Full coverage auto insurance does not actually exist, It is a term often used to refer to the combination of collision and comprehensive. A full coverage policy is one that includes several types of car insurance coverage that, as a whole, provide a solid level of protection in case of an accident.
At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCYlocated in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we explain you the types of coverage that are available to make sure you have auto insurance that fits your needs and helps to protect you against a variety of perils that can cause losses:

-Liability Coverage:

Liability coverage is generally included in all car insurance policies, and it protects you from damage you cause to others or to property as a result of an accident for which you are at fault. Typically, the liability coverage in a car insurance policy will contain three limits: the maximum payment for bodily injury per person, the maximum payable for bodily injury per accident and the maximum payable for property damage.

-Comprehensive and Collision Coverage:

Collision coverage and comprehensive coverage are two optional types of coverage on your car insurance policy, although if you are still paying off an auto loan or if you have a lease on your vehicle, your lien holder or financing company almost always requires these coverages.
Collision coverage typically pays for damage to your vehicle if it is involved in a collision with another vehicle or if it hits an object. 
Comprehensive coverage protects you against losses caused by covered perils not related to a collision. These perils often include storms and natural disasters, such as a hurricane or a tornado, vandalism, theft, falling objects, animal damage or a broken window.

-Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage:

Uninsured motorist protection: This helps you cover your costs if you get hit by a driver with no insurance.
Underinsured motorist protection: This will help pay your costs if the other driver has insufficient insurance coverage and/or coverage limits.

-Medical Payments Coverage:

Medical payments coverage is an optional coverage that offers protection in various scenarios, which may include an accident that happens when you are in your own vehicle, an accident that happens when you are in someone else's vehicle or an accident in which you are walking and are hit by a car. It can also cover any passengers in your vehicle or any family members who are driving the insured vehicle at the time of the accident.

Remember that a car insurance policy may help protect your wallet, your vehicle and even offer peace of mind. Contact us for more Information, At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we can help you choose the coverage that's right for your needs.

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lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

5 Reasons you should File your Taxes on Time

Preparing a tax return is not something you always think about. As a result, many people tend to postpone and wait until the last minute to file their returns. However, at GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross we give you some good reasons to start preparing your tax return as early as you collect all the necessary documents:

1. Reduce stress:
Gathering the necessary documents, spreadsheets, and forms to properly file your taxes can take longer than you think, especially if you’re not so organized. By starting the process before and filing sooner rather than later, you're less likely to make crucial mistakes, such as forgetting to include commonly overlooked tax deductions, because you won't be rushed. 

2. Maximize Cash:
The IRS processes returns in the order in which they are received. If you are getting a refund, you can get your refund processed and in your hands faster and use it to pay down or pay off costly bills and high interest loans, which can save you money on interest and fees.

3. Receive your refund faster:
If you file your return in February, you will receive your check earlier than you would if you file in April because on this date the IRS will be inundated with returns by last minute filers. The longer you wait to file, the longer it takes to get your tax refund check.

4. Is easier to find good help:
Finding a qualified tax professional well in advance of the filing deadline is fairly easy. But once the tax return season progresses and the deadline rapidly approaches, accountants and other tax professionals will have far less time to take on new clients. And even if you have an accountant, they'll have more time to devote to your return if you schedule with them early in the year.

5. You’ll have more time if you have to pay: 
Hopefully you’re looking at a refund this year, but if not, you’ll have to be paid in full by April 18th. If this is the case, you’ll give yourself more time to pay by filing early. Think about that if you know you owe money this year.

The 2017 tax season is now underway. Make the most of the season by filing early. At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross we help you with all about the Tax Filing Season.

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lunes, 6 de febrero de 2017

5 Common mistakes after a Car Accident

In general, when people are not prepared they make very common mistakes after being involved in a Car Accident. These faults can be very expensive and may damage their chances  of 

being compensated by the other driver or insurance company, even when the fault lies only with that driver.

At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we have some essential tips to knowing what steps to take and what mistakes to avoid to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages.
Become familiar with the following 5 common mistakes and learn how to avoid them. That way, if you ever do have an accident, you’ll be able to do the right thing even if you’re shaken up:

1. Not notifying the police:

A police report is a complete record of what took place in the accident. The police report will attest to what happened which will prevent the other driver making false claims. If you or someone else in the car accident suffered a severe injury, there would need to be legitimate documentation, especially if a lawsuit is going to be filed. Leaving the scene of a car accident without calling the authorities could land you in serious problems. 

2. Failing to document the incident:

If you don’t document, it could become your word against the other driver’s word. Keep a notepad and pen in your glove compartment at all times. You could also use the “Notes” or another memo app on your phone. Write down the time of day, where the accident occurred, road conditions and exactly what happened. You should take photos of the other driver’s license and of any damage to both cars as well. 

3. Not Exchanging Insurance Information: 

Regardless of how minor it may appear the car accident, do not fail to exchange car insurance information. Even if you think there is no damage, and nobody seems to hurt. It´s important to exchange phone numbers and other important details with the other driver, you need to get the name, address, phone number, license number, car insurance information, license plate number, and the make and model of the other driver's vehicle. This is what will be used if you are going to seek any legal help. 

4. Ignoring possible injuries:

You might feel fine at the moment of the accident. But if later you develop a headache or neck or back pain or anything that could possibly be related to the crash, check in with your doctor. If those aches become severe or chronic, you could need a record that you looked medical attention.

5. Admitting the accident was your fault: 

When you are discussing the accident it is important not to say "I'm sorry" or admit fault, limit your conversation with the other driver to a polite exchange of information. Admitting fault can be used against you at a later time when you are attempting to collect damages to your car or injuries that occurred in the accident. Even if you believe you were at fault, you may be incorrect, there is no way to know all of the details surrounding an accident, especially under the shock and stress that arise immediately after the impact. 

Remember that a car insurance policy may help protect your wallet, your vehicle and even offer peace of mind. Contact us for more Information, At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we can help you choose the coverage that's right for your needs.

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