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Importance of Vehicle License Plates

Regardless of the state in which you are, If you are going to buy a new car, you will need a vehicle license plate. 
At GUARDIAN INSURANCE  AGENCY located in Fairburn, Lagrange and Norcross, we give you an interesting information that you need to know about Vehicle License Plates:

-If you live in Georgia and drive a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle on public roads, you must register it and get a license plate. You will most likely register and apply for plates when you get a new car or move to GA. You're also required to renew your plate by renewing your vehicle registration, and if your plate is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can request a duplicate tag or decal.

- License plates are issued by the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) tag offices.

- Your license plate number is actually a combination of letters and numbers and it will also have the following decals:
One listing the county where your car is registered.
One showing the month and year that your registration expires.

-To get a license plate in Georgia, you must register your car. To keep your license plate valid, you must regularly renew your registration.

- When you buy a new car, the car dealers must issue a temporary tag. These temporary license plates are valid for 30 days and allow you to operate your vehicle on GA roads until you register and title it. You must register your car with the GA DOR before your temporary tag expires.

- In Georgia, the license plate on your car belongs to you. This means you can keep or transfer plates to a new car when you sell your current car. 

Contact us for more Information, At GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY, we can help you whit all the paperwork for your car. 

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